Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Importing BibTeX into Endnote

I recently downloaded a trial for Endnote, a proprietary reference manager. I wouldn't recommend it, especially for the price as free open-source alternatives like JabRef do a much better job at no cost. That, and I use LaTeX with BibTeX for my papers, and JabRef works much better with that. Another option that is more LaTeX friendly is the Mendeley beta. It looks better than JabRef, but doesn't have all the functionality and is definitely beta. The built-in pdf viewer isn't to good, either.

However, if you need to get references from BibTeX into Endnote, you can easily use JabRef to do so. First, open your .bib file in JabRef. Then, go to File->Export and select RIS (*.ris) as the file type. Save the export, then open up Endnote. Go to File->Import and choose the saved export. Pick Reference Manager (RIS) for the import options and hit Import. Viola!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Network of Connected Risk Countries

Here's a new visualization I created of the network of connected countries in the strategy game Risk, colored by node and edge betweenness centrality. You can easily see that Africa and Europe (the connected blob in the center) are harder to hold. Also, the Middle East, part of Asia in the game, belongs more with Europe and Africa according to Newman's community finding heuristic.

The picture was drawn in SocialAction. Below are the data files (based on the adjacency matrix from Domination) in
HCIL Network Visualization Input Data Format: